Moving a house to a new location

The process started with my crew removing portions of the house that couldn’t be moved (sunrooms, decks, pergolas, etc.), cutting the garage from the house and then going to the basement to remove everything except the center bearing wall. The plumbing, wiring and heating and air ductwork remained in tact and moved with the house. All of the electrical and plumbing connections to the basement walls and through the foundation itself had to be severed.

Once all that was done, it was just a matter of lifting the house and moving to the new location.  The actual moving was done by Williams Midwest House Movers Inc. Of Hastings, NE.  The entire process went amazingly quick.  From the time the homeowners moved out of their home so we could begin our work (dismantling the sunroom, detaching the garage and removal of walls and mechanical equipment in the basement) until they were able to move back in to their home, which now has a new finished family room and bedroom in the basement and a rebuilt sunroom on the back of the house took only a total of 5 weeks.


Building in Kearney since 1994
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