Building in Kearney since 1994
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Although many of the homes we build are designed by architects or Home Plan Design Services, we do offer our own drafting and design service should that need arise.  Paul has been using 3-D modeling software since 1998. He has found that using true 3-D modeling software has allowed him to catch mistakes in the home design stage instead of in the field where they are more costly.

Our 3-D models can be rotated and viewed from any direction and with a large number of exterior materials applied.

Now you can literally stand in any room in your home and view it from 360 degrees in photo realistic “Virtual Reality”.   Wether it is a home we have designed for you or you have a design and want to experience it in Virtual Reality, we can make it happen.  With us, you have the ability to tour your home right on your smart phone or PC any time you want to.   You simply download an App and you are able to view any of the images that we have prepared for you right on your own smart phone.    You choose the wall colors, floor coverings, cabinetry, countertops, woodwork, door styles and the way you want it furnished and then sit back and experience your new home like never before, all before construction begins.

Virtual Reality is here!  You have to see it to believe it.

This is an actual image taken from a Virtual Tour 
created for one of our Clients

Our design software also allows us to frame the entire home making material estimates extremely accurate.  

You will begin the process by sitting down with Paul to discuss the details of your custom dream home. During the process you’ll examine the design of the home from multiple views, site placement, traffic flow through the home and personalize the design to best suit you. All concepts are put together as an electronic 3D model that both you and Paul can explore to maximize the comfort of your home..

Once the designs are finalized, a complete set of plans can be drawn which will include all the drawings that are required by the City of Kearney to apply for a building permit.

Once the permits have been issued, construction can begin. We’ve found that educating our clients about the construction process helps them share in the excitement during the creation of their home. Once construction begins we welcome our clients on the jobsite and actually encourage them to become involved in the process. Building a home can be an overwhelming undertaking but I believe with the right builder it can be an experience you will truly enjoy.